By now I think you know me well enough to know that I love challenges. As one of my professors once put it, I perform my best when I am put under pressure. So I decided to put myself under a tiny bit of pressure and take on a graphic design challenge.

The organization where we practice Tai Chi with my husband (oh boy, Tai Chi does deserves a post of its own, so look out for it in the next couple of weeks) has announced a design contest to its members. Our official T-shirts are redesigned yearly to depict the animal from the Chinese Zodiac for the coming year. As the year of the monkey is approaching the organization is looking for creative ideas that include this banana lover.

Well… I have never designed a T-shirt, I am not a graphic designer and I don’t much care for a banana, but when my husband called my attention to the contest I knew I could not pass up this opportunity! So now that I have no impending craft projects at hand I have time to think about it and create my entrie(s). Any suggestions?