Hats off to all graphic designers out there! Coming up with creative ideas on a subject that is given to you and is not your own is not easy. But you know what I said, I wanted a challenge. So challenge I got. Not only because of what I had to depict, but also because we decided to go for a Tai Chi workout session on early Saturday morning which ended up being more strenuous then I expected. So with sore thigh muscles and a brain that wanted to rest and sleep and then rest some more I sat down to think about monkeys.

Boy, I knew the animal kingdom was diverse, but did you know that there are approximately 260 different species of monkeys? Therefore it is no surprise that deciding on the one that I wanted to draw was not easy. I mean, I wanted to have one that was easily identifiable and could not be mistaken for a chihuahua. But also one that would not be too obvious like a chimpanzee.

I got so lost in looking at cute monkey pictures I had to continually remind myself of the task ahead. I felt just like when I had to look up a word in the (hard cover) dictionary as a kid: took me ages to finally get to the word because everything surrounding it was so darn interesting! No wonder I couldn’t make a decision at the end.

monkey zodiac drawingmonkey zodiac drawingmonkey zodiac drawing

I ended up coming up with these three, very different drawings. I am still debating which one I want to pick for the T-shirt design. Oh, still so many questions! The good thing is that I started relatively early and I still have time until the end of the week to finish.

P.S. Note of reminder: 1) take it easy on the workouts during the week, and 2) stop looking at cute monkey pictures!