tits feedingAbout 5 – 6 years ago I mailed off a good number of holiday greeting cards to friends and family. Not a single one arrived. That was when I decided I will never, ever write another greeting card. Around that time the popularity of e-cards and social media started picking up which I thought was just the perfect partner for my stubbornness.

Call me sentimental, but I started missing them. The joy of opening an envelope, trying to guess to whom that scribble at the bottom could belong to (is that really a signature?) and putting them on my mantelpiece as they start collecting. So sentimental in fact that I (finally) forgave the postal service and I decided to send some this holiday season. Not just mail it, but make my own!

I like holiday greeting cards which do not fall into the usual categories. No religious denominations, no trees with sparkly lights, no reindeer… I’m sure you could name ten more stereotypical ones off the top of your head. So what could I do that would still represent the winter season, the holidays then?

A couple of days ago I heard an incessant dah-di-dit-dah coming from outside. I looked out the window and saw a flock of birds feasting at the bird feeder we have on our windowsill. That’s when it hit me, that I’d love to paint these lovely tits! After all, I only see them in winter (check), usually when the weather turns really cold (check) and they are colorful, cheery and have a beautiful song (check, check… BINGO!). If watching them feed gives me so much joy I am sure their little painting will bring that in turn to those who receive it.

I FINALLY caught them unawares yesterday and was able to take a quick photo of them. Through the mosquito net and three layers of glass, but finally caught them! Over the weekend I will search for a better opportunity to make a quick sketch and come up with the concept for the greeting cards. Cannot wait to start!