When you have been painting for some time and are not necessarily thinking about selling or giving away each piece, chances are you are going to want do store them somewhere. Sketches may live in a sketchbook or a binder that is easily put away. But what do you do with canvases? Or sculptures for that matter? Especially if you do not have a large apartment or simply lack the wall space. I decided to take this opportunity to share some of the things I have come up with in the past couple of years. Sort of like a little hints and tips on how to display your own art in your little adobe. Granted you are proud of them and are open to talk about them when friends or the odd visitor drops by.

  1. One of the most obvious ways of displaying art is on a wall. I am sure you have seen countless tips on displaying individual or a cluster of pictures in a stylish way online, in magazines. An important thing to keep in mind though, never hang a picture in a place that is too humid! If you are still thinking of perking up your bathroom, ceramics and items made of glass are a great choice.
  2. Use the top of a bookshelf to display paintings, sculptures, vases; those items that will create a little gallery in your home. Place here items you will not move on a daily basis. However, do experiment changing up the paintings. It will immediately transform the entire room.

    painting on bookshelf
    Left to right: Serb Street 7. Composition in red. Cone flowers.
  3. Why not use the space in front of the books on the shelf? If you have a series of books where the individual volume itself is not the main focus point, place a smaller painting, sketch to draw a bit of interest. Contrasting darker books with a lighter work will further draw the eye to the piece you are displaying.

    Steel worker
    Steel worker
  4. Another great way to display art is to place it in front of the shelves themselves.  It is quick and easy to switch up what you have hung. No need to use a chair of a ladder here! One thing to consider, maker sure the painting will be in harmony with the display on the top of the shelves, otherwise some rearrangement will be required.
    In front of the bookshelf_Poppy

    painting in front of bookshelf
    Left to right: Serb Street 7. Poppy. Cone flowers.
  5. If you have a small office, or a desk where you work, use the opportunity to get inspiration! Use it to display a sketch that you want to elaborate on, something you have recently finished, or simply something you are really proud of. Also, since this is a more private place, items you do not necessarily want to share with the general public are also welcome.

    painting on desk
    Serb orthodox church.
  6. One of the most unexpected treasures has proven to be an easel. When I just couldn’t find a place to store this lovely birthday gift I decided to inconspicuously leave it out for just a couple of days. And slowly realized its many uses. Besides being a painting aid you can place a piece you are working on to study it between sessions. You can place your favorite painting and move it anywhere in you apartment. Also use it as a room separator during parties, or gently hide something behind it, like a stationary bike in one of the living room corners (not pictured on the photo below).

    easel display art
    Left to right: Farmer’s shed with poppies. Cornish harbor. Szentendre.
  7. If you have a mantelpiece or a shelf behind your couch don’t limit yourself to just family photos! Use a small photo stand or a bulkier frame to have the painting in a prominent place for all to see.

    display shelf couch
    The tunnel – painting by D. Lavuova. Pantry the cat.
  8. OK, and finally if you are on the go, and still want to share, there are the virtual options. Have one of your works as a wallpaper on your phone, laptop or tablet. Slip a printout of a picture under a clear phone case. Or share it in your social media.

What do you do to display your artwork? Do you have further suggestions for me?