Whether you are after a New Years ‘s party, you are a regular night owl or just had the odd sleepless night, chances are you need some relaxation during the day. I tend to have my tricks, but I wanted to go further and explore something that I saw a while back, an eye pillow. The comforting darkness combined with the scent of lavender proposed not just the ultimate relaxation, but utter bliss. Since the little pillow can be chilled in the fridge or warmed up in the microwave depending on our mood, I thought it could even work to ease the pain of our regular headaches away.

I looked at many options, several shapes, sizes and colors. However, knowing my husband’s love for cats, I knew that a little kitty-shaped eye pillow would be the best choice, and an ideal Christmas gift for him (cough, for both of us). But what kind of cat? Since it would be brought out for help if there is pain or trouble, a grumpy cat seemed most fitting. I took inspiration from some metal cats and a gadget cozy on mmmcrafts.com and had the idea.eye pillow grumpy cateye pillow grumply catSo I set out to design one. I used an an eye mask we have for sleeping as a general guide. However, as I wanted something that would completely cover my eyes and would have enough weight I adjusted the size a bit. eye pillow grumpy cat zippereye pillow grumply cat zipper

I also knew I wanted to have the seeds and the lavender flowers in a separate muslin pouch so the filling can be changed easily in the future. I opted therefore to have a separate pouch and an outer shell for the pillow. For ease I also added an invisible zipper. The pull-tab is right behind one of the ears, so it cannot even be detected when in use.

We have already used it quite a few times. The verdict is in, both my husband and I love Grumpy (yes, this ended up becoming his name)! The gentle weight it gives, the lovely scent of lavender is something that seems to ease away any tiny stress there is in our body. Although I must warn you. Be careful when using it after a workout: chances are you will be fast asleep under this cozy little kitty in no time!