I think I will have to slow down a bit. My mind is racing at lightning speed trying to put together the final idea for the Saint Anne drawing. I see the cabbage, its curly leaves, the power drill, the bricks in the dead window, Anne’s clothes, the mortar (should it belight ormidtonedgrey?),thewallcolor,uhhhashadow… oh, woman, slow down! I don’t think an overexcited puppy could be more over the place!

OK, I took a deep breath.St Anne painting studyI took a piece of paper and a pencil and very quickly made a sketch of the general idea.  A bit of shading here and there. Overall though, I don’t want to go into too much detail, because I will surely loose myself in the process. OK, out of the way, now I can concentrate on one thing only. And I think my initial reaction to focus on St. Anne was a good one. So I’ll stick to that.

Looking at the figure in the drawing I think she is too stable, immobile to put it mildly. I imagine this woman with more force, more power, and I think this would work only with a different posture. OK, after a long and strenuous drilling session she can rest, but not on this picture!

posture study for paintingI much prefer her in this position. The way she leans and projects her power into her task is what I am looking for. If you think about it, a cabbage cannot be shredded just by looking at it. Force and willpower have to be applied (and the power drill, of course). I am still thinking I want her to embody the strength I see in the war propaganda posters, but I also want her to be very feminine. I started flipping through my art history books for reference, and I think I already have one or two things that have caught my eye.St Anne painting studyThis is the final version of the sketch. I am quite happy with the way it has turned out. I think the combination of my first idea and the cabbage-shredder power woman figure from the second is more to my taste. I now see more potential in it. And I also believe it is now safe to disengage the handbrake and restart my brainstorming regarding the other elements. Keeping my fingers crossed.