Hectic is not strong enough a word to describe my current state of mind. Panicky might be better. July used to be such an easy month, with lots of sunshine and ice cream. Now I am realizing (literally the penny just dropped) that with the arrival of my nephew, in my family we now have three birthdays within one single week. THREE!! The list of tasks to prepare for each seems endless, and somehow what I wanted to prioritize the most ended up towards the end of the list. The story book I imagined for Henrik is nowhere and I’m afraid it will remain a castaway in Dreamland for a while.

dog cat mouse finger puppetThe good news is, that I am progressing with the finger puppets. I have managed to finish three of the four I wanted. I have the little domestic gang ready for action. I ended up putting a little patch on each to simulate a little tummy. I thought it would give further opportunity to the puppeteers (cough parents) to explain the different body parts. Now that I’m looking at the picture I’m realizing the dog is missing its whiskers! No wonder it looked odd. I’ll correct it over the weekend.finger puppet tailsAnd talking about body parts. I thought it would be fun for all three to have different types of tails. I think it is so fun to have the different lengths, textures and colors. Hope the little guy is not going to 1. chew it off, or 2. tear it out. Am I being to optimistic here?

I was a bit disappointed that I will not be able to finish with the book. I think it was a rather far fetched idea to squeeze the entire project into the little days I could afford for it. Lessons learned. Well, book or no book, I am sure the parents are going to have lots of fun with Henrik and the puppets. But first I have to finish with the fourth puppet, the snail.