Carving seems to be one of the things I do well. Be it the roasted tandoori chicken on a Sunday or carving out time from non-existent dimensions, I am good at it. At the beginning of the week I felt panicky because I thought I would not have time to finish with all the little projects for early next week, now I feel confident I will have time to finish everything.

It is quite funny how much the idea of a snail puppet inspired me at the beginning. It gave me ideas, it influenced the design of the other puppets. Yet this is the one I finished the latest. I was much more eager to finish with the dog, the cat and the mouse puppets than this one. I don’t know. Maybe it was the shell I wanted to ponder on a bit longer.

snail detailI ended up stitching a little spiral around the shell with multicolored threads. I chose four different colored sewing threads that were bright and fun, and would contrast with the lilac of the shell. At first I thought it would be wonky, but it turned out to be pretty good right on the first go.snail last stitchesI sewed right through to the other side, and with the help of a little bead I pulled the two sides of the shell together. It gives a cushion like effect, which I quite like. snailSo with tentacles and a bright smile here is the little guy enjoying the last of the day’s sunshine. I am so happy with how it turned out! I am glad I waited a bit and thought it through, instead of just quickly finishing off somethingpuppets in a boxbox detailSo now the little gang rests in a pretty little box that is adorned by tiny little birds. To make the box more user friendly for my nephew I punched a hole on the end panel and passed a little ribbon through it. Now it will open just like a drawer and reveal the little treasure inside. Oh, I cannot wait for the weekend to see his little face and what he will think of the puppets. Wish me luck!