Board games are one of my family’s big passions. I think that is evident from the fact that I made a card game for my husband’s birthday. Whenever we can, we’ll play a bit. Sometimes we even invite friends or family over and play with them. I love that we have a variety of games: one for the days when after a long day at work we don’t really want to think too much, to the games where you do have to have a game plan at hand, to the down right cut-throat, hard core strategy games. But one thing that seems to be the same across the spectrum is the victory point marker: a bland piece of wooden cylinder. While the games may bring out the Hurrah! in you, the counter the Wughwugh, blah.
victory point markersThe other day while shopping in my local crafts store I spotted these little beauties. I swear I heard the “Take us home!” resounding. OK, they may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But I knew my family would love the idea and would wholeheartedly enjoy them when we play. What I like is, that there is an animal in the usual color scheme of red, blue, green, yellow and black(ish grey) as in most board games. So there is one to match your other (let’s say) wagons in the game. But even if you don’t want to play matchy-matchy it is still easy to remember that you are either the frog, the lady bug or… the bear.
victory point marker
victory point marker
bg with die embroideryAs I was already making a gift on the subject of board games, I decided to make these little figurines part of it. However, instead of wrapping them up, I put them in a little draw string bag I had, which I embroidered with a die.  So now the content and the bag match each-other thematically.
boardgames on shelfThe little figures now rest with the other games and game pieces on our bookshelf. They are ready to be brought out any time. And I must say besides the little spice they bring to any game, they do have an added bonus: as they stand upright they are easier to pick up and use. And no one can stack their marker on top of yours (Oh, how rude!). One thing we do have to be careful of though. In the heat of the moment it is also easier to knock them over. And that brings up the question: how well did you opponent keep track of your points until now? Hmmm…