In the last couple of weeks my contribution on this blog has been sporadic. As I said it once, I’ll say it again: it is my friend K’s fault! Mariam Petrosyan’s book, The House, in Which… which K gave me for my birthday has continued to haunt me. It sucked me in so bad in fact, that I spent last Saturday morning tucked in bed and devoured the last 150 pages as if in one gulp. Finishing it I felt exhilarated, amazed, but utterly sad and confused at the same time. Confused, because I did not want to let go this wonderful book! Lucky me, because K made sure I would not be able to do so by giving me a challenge.

I already had a challenge once (if you’ve missed it, you can read the post here.), now I got a new one. This time regarding a specific character, Tabaki Jackal. He is one of the central figures who is a true collector, but perhaps in the worst sense of the word. Collects anything and everything that is shiny, or battered and old. What is whole or broken. Anything from a bedazzled vest to the pieces of hair that have been torn out by his (or from his) mates during vicious fights. So the challenge is to make something that Tabaki Jackal would look upon with joyful eyes.

As soon as I read the requirements I had an idea right away, to make a necklace. Then something like a charm bracelet. Then pretty quickly settled on a treasure chest. And as I started to chew and digest this later one I realized I did not like it. And it hit me then that the perfect thing for Tabaki Jackal would be a vest, one of his favorite pieces of clothing!

Gathering the accessories which will adorn the vest
Design for dragon appliqué
Preparing the dragon appliqué

My concept is to make a vest and sew on little items, pieces of sparkle that have great significance in the book. I already have dug up a couple of things from my treasure chest which I think would look perfect on it. I also want to embroider a dragon – one of the most emblematic creatures in the book – on the back. I’m progressing a bit slow, but this time not because of the book. The weather is one shade of ugly, dreary grey which has had the worst effect on me. I feel tired and worn out, without any wish to do a single thing. But from below the cozy covers, as I am slowly waking from a little nap I promise that I’ll get myself together and not give in…. but it will have to wait until tomorrow.