I’ve read in a couple of blogs how the blogger would refer to her husband as “Mr. XYZ”. The first time I say it the exclamation and question marks appeared over my head as if in a cartoon. Until I realized that the XYZ stands for the abbreviation of the blog’s name. I found it really amusing. But you know what? How do you refer to a person who is your partner in life, but also a partner in crime when it comes to your blog?

I mean my husband (see?) is a true partner in crime. He encourages me. He provides me with constructive criticism and advise. He stands behind me with everything I do. He reads every post I write, and would even take a photo or two for me if I really ask him to.

So when I read the “Mr. XYZ” thing, as amusing as it was at the beginning, I found it more ad more comforting. Comforting that although a pseudonym, he could be known by his own name. So one day I mentioned this to him and asked if he’d like it if I’d refer to him as “Mr. AP” (Mr. Adri’s Palette) in my blog. He sort of looked at me funny. Then smiled from ear to ear and said OH YEAH! And that is how Mr. AP was born.