Good question! Do you ever find yourself giving your utmost to something and the next moment not even thinking of it? And it’s so strange because I burned, I lived for art and in the past few weeks I found myself with … ohm… nothing. I think it has to do with a couple of things. First this darn cough that just decided to take a permanent residence inside my body. Then the extreme cold. And finally a lot of pondering.

First the good news: the third doctor’s second treatment finally worked. Woohooo! I am happy to report that after two months of coughing and “sleeping” on the couch (so as not to waken dear Mr. AP) is over. OVER. And although I would truly like to have a (not entirely polite) conversation with the person that invented daylight savings time, now I am actually really happy to see more sunshine, more light and warm weather. And not surprisingly, as soon as I was able to sleep again, and the weather turned for the better I found myself thinking of art again.

And talking about thinking. I spent a lot of time pondering about social media. How it is a means of not only documenting something I do, but also sharing it with others. And for someone who is slowly getting used to the idea of sharing, where is that fine line between being exposed, over-exposed and being too dependent on social feedback. The bad news is, a lot of thinking got me nowhere; I still feel like many of the questions I raised to myself remain unanswered. And maybe not all questions need an answer!

Funny enough, as I was reading on the train today I got lost in thought. As I looked out the window I suddenly noticed the buds on the trees, the flowers ready to burst like pop-corn. And even the Ferris wheel that I shed tear for, because I though they dismantlement it for good, is now back up and happily turning in the breeze. And so has my mood turned a full 180°. I feel inspired, filled with ideas and ready to start anew. Maybe it’s not realistic to push ourselves to the limit and not take a rest. If mother nature needs it, we need it too.