If you’d ask me what is the hardest thing about designing a new pattern I’d tell you its figuring out how that piece of flat thing you are holding in your hand is going to turn into something 3D. Oh, and it wouldn’t really hurt if it turned out to be just what you pictured.

rat head prototype
Of course the rat will not be orange and red in the end… although this color combination looks mighty cute.

I thought I’d try something new when designing my rat bookmark. I decided to make a prototype. So what’s new in this, you ask? Well, I’ve done sketches for drawings and paintings, but I’ve never actually did the big test thing for my crafts. Either, I used an already existing pattern – and had absolute faith in the one who designed it -, or I just got lucky, I guess. But this was the first time I actually cut out pieces of material and looked to see what it would look like once finished.

rat bookmart kappter
Once happy with the outcome, I drew the pattern and got down to cutting the felt to size.

rat bookmark head

Strangely enough sewing the prototype brought me so much more excitement and pleasure then the final rat itself. Or maybe it’s not so surprising: I was inventing something brand new, something that never existed before. And my little Fratkenstein (haha) was vivid with color and joy. But then I need only think about the joy of using the little bookmark and my hilarity returns. I can also see my dear Mama’s reaction when she first lays her eyes on it. Or her scream… and then I am happily whistling and sewing again.