A long holiday weekend could only mean one thing: games, games and more games! We dusted off an older volume on our shelf, partook in some gentle tile-laying, went mad (twice) and rolled a lot of dice.

However, we made sure to include our 3,5 year old nephew and play some fun games with him as well. I was floored at how well he could explain to us the rules to play Uno! The only real difficulty I faced was to somehow fool my sister-in-law into thinking that we were not letting our nephew win one or two rounds. We were not really successful, but succeeded once or twice.

Games top to bottom: Rajas of the Ganges, AuZtralia, The Big Book of Madness, Suburbia.

Played, but not pictured: Kisvakond Nadrágja, Mi lesz a Jeled?, Uno, Spot it!,