It’s been some time since I took a couple of days off. It felt refreshing to stay in bed a bit longer, go for a stroll and not rush to work, cook some dishes that take just a bit longer to make and play more games.

During the week we dropped in to Gémklub. We really wanted to try two games, so decided to give them a try. So we built a bit of a bird sanctuary and laid some eggs (aren’t these the cutest?) then traveled to the Far East to … well, play a Mahjong inspired game.

Imagine our surprise, when it turned out that a game we back-ordered turned out to be waiting for us in the store. We brought it home, busted it out and played it. Played it. Then played it some more. I don’t think we’ve ever played something so many times in a row!

I have to say, WOW. I never liked D&D, I am not an RPG girl, but WOW! I fell in love so hard with this game. The story it tells is so tongue and cheek. One minute you are a lunatic-monk-halfling, the next a compassionate-wizard-dwarf. Then the next moment I am the son of a blacksmith. I mean, really? With all the work I did for The Devil’s Blacksmith project? We had such a laugh! If you get a chance, it is a must to try!

Games top to bottom: Wingspan, Dragon Castle, Roll Player and Roll Player: Monsters & Minions