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The Tabaki Jackal challenge

In the last couple of weeks my contribution on this blog has been sporadic. As I said it once, I'll say it again: it is my friend K's fault! Mariam Petrosyan’s book, The House, in Which… which K gave me... Continue Reading →

Ready to owl things up

These last few weeks I felt like I was a spy living a double (nay, triple or quadruple) life. For my birthday projects to remain a secret I had to conspire with some members of my family but leave out... Continue Reading →

Keys to hold

My Mama loves owls. And when I mean she loves them, she LOVES them. It has started well before the general owl craze that has engulfed the fashion industry (or is this over already?) and I foresee it continuing for... Continue Reading →

Wrapping it up

Carving seems to be one of the things I do well. Be it the roasted tandoori chicken on a Sunday or carving out time from non-existent dimensions, I am good at it. At the beginning of the week I felt... Continue Reading →

Finger puppets

Hectic is not strong enough a word to describe my current state of mind. Panicky might be better. July used to be such an easy month, with lots of sunshine and ice cream. Now I am realizing (literally the penny... Continue Reading →


I have to confess, the thing that excites me most about this picture book project are the finger puppets. I remember as kid we had one, a brown lion. I loved it so much, and always longed to have more.... Continue Reading →

Up, up and away!

Nothing compares to the the thrill one experiences when coming up with a new idea, a design. Will it work? Does it make sense at all? And then all those butterflies when you try to put that theory into practice.... Continue Reading →

It’s a bird… it’s a plane!

Sewing together two pieces of fabric is by now something of a second nature to me. I've gotten used to the felt that I use. I know which is the distance I must keep from the edge so it will... Continue Reading →

Bairns and planes

With my little mobile cozy project done I had this feeling deep inside that my craving for the crafty was not yet quenched. I wanted to do something more. Another colorful and fun project. I have been looking for a... Continue Reading →

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