The circus never attracted my attention. I did not care for the animal acts, I saw right through the act where they saw the woman in half and yawned at the clowns. However, for some strange reason I could never get my eyes off the jugglers. That not only seemed like the most amazing thing to do, but also the hardest  one to  learn. I tried a couple of times but never succeeded. Until now I would have told anyone that it is easier to solve the Rubik’s cube than to juggle. Until now.

The thing is, I was looking at this all wrong until now. For juggling is not only done in the circus and not only with objects aflame. If you look at it from a different perspective, we all juggle. I for one juggle with my full time job, the commuting, my family life, time with our friends, my hobbies, among them this blog. And when all these have to be done at the same time, one must be really careful how timing is managed.

I think I am pretty good at this. But all the planning and preparation in the world are worth nothing when Mr Murphy suddenly knocks on your door. When the birds you have been trying to photograph for a blog post just do not bother to show up at the bird feeder for four days straight When you have a deadline at work and are not able to finish a personal project on time. Or when you want to use the internet to post something and the provider just flips you the bird. Oh, and doesn’t fix it for two days straight!

So one thing I did learn from all of this. We might plan and prepare all we want, but something will always happen. One of the objects we juggle will slip trough our fingers and fall to the ground. Just keep a straight face, smile, and do your best to keep the other things afloat. Because sometime life just happens.