I don’t particularly like deadlines. One of my strategies to avoid the stress that comes with them is simple: I don’t leave the task for the last minute. As sporadic as the internet service was over the last couple of days I had to finally give in to the idea that there wasn’t much of a (or any) chance to send in the T-shirt designs ahead of time. Now, fight as I might, I would not be able to follow my own rule, I had no other option but to send them on the day of the deadline.

monkey tshirtmonkey tshirtThe technology free weekend – though might sound scary to some – gave me ample time to relax, take things a bit easier. Oh, and you know what that leads to: dwelling on what has already been done. So I confess, I revisited my original ideas. I looked at them again, and tried to see them with a customer’s eye: would I buy them? I ended up with these two very different designs for a T-shirt at the end. One with a lot of movement, fluidity, much like the set of moves we do during our classes. The other one a bit of a tongue and cheek.

So the deadline was yesterday. The entries are now on the desk of those who will decide over the entries. I can hardly wait to know the results! Although, as I re-learned over the weekend, I should take things slower, and not worry, as things will take their due course. And if you are wondering, yes, I would definitely wear them. In fact, if they are not selected, I just might make one for myself.