Yeay, it’s December! The holidays and the end of the year are coming with lots and lots of celebration. A month for cooking, baking and crafting – all of these in excess of course. It is also the time when it finally becomes appropriate to listen to and to sing Christmas carols.

snowbird whiteI took out my favorite CD with classic carols (yes I’m a bit old school) that I love to listen to. Was already in high spirits when it came to that one particular song which I have to confess annoys me to no end: The twelve days of Christmas. I don’t know if it is the tune or the simple(ton) lyrics, but I find myself grabbing the remote control faster than is fathomable and skip to the next tune every single time. This is why I find it rather strange that when I started to think about holiday crafting the first thing that came to my mind were ornaments inspired by this very song.

When I made Scrummage, the little mouse I already had a good look around Larissa Holland’s world at mmmcrafts. I knew I wanted to revisit it later. Especially because working with felt is so different from drawing or painting. It is no longer just a pencil or a brush – a foreign object – delivering the color onto a flat surface. Rather I find my hands constantly communicating with the materials I am using. The silky colored felt, the rough threads, the slippery beads, the shiny sequins. Such a different and delicate maneuver. Such an experience!

As I had a bit of time the last couple of days I finally decided to give in to this embroidering itch. I tossed and turned over which one of the six ornaments to start with and decided upon the Snowbird. The white Snowbird in particular. It looked so delicate and pretty. I had some blue felt lying in wait and I couldn’t wait to use it.

To be honest at first it was hard. Many of the things the instructions called for I didn’t have at hand. Also, it just would not be me if I didn’t want to make it just a tad different right from the start. So figuring out how to accommodate for these changes was an extra challenge. But I did it! And I think the end result is quite nice.snowbird-head detail2Larissa said many times she embroiders the birds while watching a movie. I just could not do it this way, because I found making it was like meditation. I fell into a little zone and everything around me just melted away. The material caressing my fingers, the thread passing through the fabric slowly drawing a pattern, making the tiniest of noises. It is so relaxing!

I have to confess, right in the middle of the project I decided I have to have more. I set out and cut the felt and looked for the matching sequins, beads and thread. As I already had the know-how, these two flew out of the nest much quicker than the first one. I love them.

snowbird-red on creamsnowbird-red on red2snowbirds feltI originally intended them to be ornaments on our Christmas tree. However, I found a different home for these lovelies as I want to see them all year round. I’ll put them on our bedroom door to cheer us on our journey each morning and to welcome us back each night. Will be such a wonderful detail!