Now that Ms. Procrastination has been banished from my life I found an even more dangerous opponent, Mrs. Rushmore. Calendar in my lap I was trying to figure out how I want the coming weeks to work out, what are the tasks I want to achieve, and I found myself cramming more to-do-s into a few hours, days than is humanly possible. I felt I was breathless just writing down my list. So I decided to take things easy, one step at a time.

collage 2One of the things that keeps nagging me is my 77 day fitness plan. I am on track. Except for one day (when after a really long day at work I collapsed onto my bed at 8:59 and was fast asleep by 9 pm) I did all the exercise sessions I prescribed myself. I feel stronger, but more importantly really motivated to continue. And I think here lies the problem: I feel my motivation has started to feed the seed of impatience in me and I am rushing things.

If I have one set of exercises in my plan, I want to do (at least) two. If I told myself I’ll climb the stairs and go up to the 2nd floor I feel the little devil urging me to go up to the fifth. I know I need to slow down, but that little devil… Therefore, I decided to be more lenient with myself, more forgiving. To take a breath and just breathe… literally! And (in style) I wrote this little list to remind myself

  1. to trust that my plan will take me all the way to my goal.
  2. That sidesteps and bypasses are not always shortcuts and could take me on the longest route.
  3. It is OK to take a rest. It is OK to watch a football match or play a board game and forget the big ol’ plan for a second.
  4. I need to say no and admit that I erred. My world is not going to end if a Plan B needs to be put in place.
  5. And if only the 2nd floor is prescribed, I have to trust that at the end I will get to the fifth. Only, it will be another day.

P.S. Just remember to take one step at a time. They will add up to a million at the end!