Last week I was walking in the downtown area of my hometown when I saw a group of people gathering around a table. The commotion turned out to be an event to support the teachers who are protesting our government. The idea was to create a sign that showed the solidarity of my hometown to the teachers’ cause. The city’s typical buildings, churches were depicted all in the checkered design that has now became the symbol of their plight.sign 0Putting the political aspect of the event aside, it seemed so fun to see so many kids, adults, men and women coloring in the huge design. I didn’t want to be just a passerby and miss out, so I joined in the fun. There were different colored markers. Thick and thin. Everyone was sharing and giving. I tried a thick, huge marker that could color in an inch wide strip at a time. I was maneuvering it slowly not to go out of the line, but did not have more luck then when I was just a kid. I ended up having paint all over my hands. And you know what, it was so fun!sign 1sign 2sign 3Seeing how the design slowly took shape was really something. Every person had a different vision, opinion and it all worked out. Everybody was respected from the smallest one who could hardly reach the table, to the grandfather who brought her to the event. So when I shyly suggested to put a checkered sun above the city everybody enthusiastically cheered me on. I am really happy that I did not only contribute with my coloring skills (or lack thereof as it turned out), but added this little element to the overall design.sign 4

The event really captured my heart and imagination. In our fragmented society it seems there IS something that does bring us together. And that this something should be art, is not surprising to me at all. I am really glad I was there and that the event was even captured by a local CCTV. I can now watch back anytime to remind me of this amazing experience!